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Sick Day

Adam came out of school yesterday complaining of a headache, and though I had hoped the fresh air on the walk home would help, he only seemed to get worse, eventually throwing up. Ugh. So much for our Saturday plans — we had planned to attend a Beaver Buggy rally in the morning followed by aContinue Reading

Requesting a Christmas Do-Over

Christmas 2012 can officially go on the record as the worst Christmas that I can remember. Seriously, I think I’m going to aim for a holiday do-over sometime early next year. It started on Christmas Eve, when Adam looked a bit lethargic and tucked himself into my bed during the day for a little nap.Continue Reading

Merry Christmas!

The gifts are wrapped, house is clean(ish), stockings are stuffed, menu is set and… Adam started throwing up about half an hour ago. Sigh. Well, no Christmas is perfect. If Mary could survive giving birth in a barn, surely I can manage a little puke. * * * From our family to yours, I wishContinue Reading

Under the Weather

Yesterday I bemoaned on Facebook the fact that Adam and Leah were driving me crazier than usual — and I was wishing I had an outside-of-the-home office to which I could make a convenient escape (because the kids find me no matter where I hide around here). Well, by mid-morning today, it became painfully obvious thatContinue Reading

Friday Miscellany

A huge thank you to everyone who commented on yesterday’s post — I shared some of the comments with Adam and his response was one of genuine surprise: “People like me? Really?” He was particularly thrilled that he had been recognized from his photo in Everyday Happy Herbivore. The reality is that this is an ongoing processContinue Reading