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Tag Archives: soccer

Soccer Star

Adam’s final soccer game was last night — and it was great to be able to see him really get into the game. While he used to hang around the fringes of the action, he’s now often found in the middle of the fray, trying to take control of the ball. He has been fortunate thisContinue Reading

Leah’s First Soccer Season

In the blink of an eye, it’s over: Leah has finished her very first season of soccer — and she finished well! I am so proud of her; Leah has come such a long way over the course of the season. Back in June, she was a sobbing, screaming mess whenever her coach suggested that sheContinue Reading

Turning a Corner

When it comes to children, I feel like I’ve experienced extremes with very little middle ground. Todd and I used to joke that with Adam, we never really had a baby, what with him speaking clearly before his first birthday and sounding out words at 15 months old; he taught himself to count forwards andContinue Reading

Soccer Season

We’re a mere three weeks into soccer season and already I can see how the summer will shape up — at least soccer-wise. Adam’s second game this evening was awesome; once again he scored the first goal of the game. Unlike last year, Adam is no longer hanging out on the sidelines. Instead, he’s right whereContinue Reading

Friday Miscellany

We’re officially in the throes of soccer season, with Leah and Adam both playing in their first games this week. Well, Adam played in his game (and was super enthusiastic, even scoring the first goal). Leah, on the other hand, absolutely refused to get on the field and no cajoling or bribe was going toContinue Reading