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Tag Archives: speech

Speech Class: Round Two

Yesterday, after a blissful two-week break, Leah began her second round of speech classes at The Speech and Stuttering Institute. This time around, Leah will miss kindergarten twice a week from now through February — and while it’s unfortunate that she misses school, she definitely benefits from having intensive therapy when she’s at her best andContinue Reading

Tuesday Tidbits: Speech and Stuff

Some days I really wish Science would catch up with Science Fiction. It’s 2012 and I still don’t have a teleporter, which made getting Leah to her speech class today a rather lengthy journey. It took about an hour and forty-five minutes each way by bus this afternoon. For a 45-minute class. Sigh. At leastContinue Reading

Friday Miscellany

The last week of summer vacation is drawing to a close and I made a conscious effort to avoid work at all costs over the past few days so that we could make the most of it. This translated into lots of Lego-building, doll-dressing-and-undressing, story-reading and general relaxing. It’s been great and I think AdamContinue Reading

Turning a Corner

When it comes to children, I feel like I’ve experienced extremes with very little middle ground. Todd and I used to joke that with Adam, we never really had a baby, what with him speaking clearly before his first birthday and sounding out words at 15 months old; he taught himself to count forwards andContinue Reading

No, No, No

In the past couple weeks I feel like Leah has finally hit the Terrible Twos, albeit a year delayed. As her ability to communicate has improved (thank you, daycare!), so too has her insistence on doing everything herself, on her own schedule, in her own way. It seems that many previously-loved activities now require strong-armContinue Reading