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Tag Archives: vegan cookies invade your cookie jar

My Little Cookie Monster

All week long, Leah has been after me to bake cookies with her (even when she was too sick to do more than lie on the sofa and flip through an endless stream of picture books). Since she was feeling much better today, I agreed that it was the perfect time to bake a batchContinue Reading

The First Ever No-Work-Weekend

With Adam and Todd off at Beaver Scouts Spy Camp, I declared this to be a No-Work Weekend so that I could focus on spending some quality time with Leah (I haven’t done this in as long as I can remember). Clearly, this was a great idea — I don’t think Leah and I have everContinue Reading

Mmm… Monday: Chocolate Chips

The easiest way to ensure that whatever I bake will be devoured before I get so much as a taste is to include chocolate chips. A smattering (or generous scoop) of mini chocolate chips is all it takes to turn baked goods from meh to delicious — at least as far as my family is concerned. First up: bananaContinue Reading